Hydrogen water beauty is so easy

Hydrogen water beauty is so easy

Research shows that the hydrogen water can resist ultraviolet anti wrinkle beauty

The test uses hydrogen water bath, 6 in Japanese, using hydrogen content per day for 0.2-0.4 ppm water bath for 3 months. By comparing the ninetieth days before the test and neck and back skin, found that 4 subjects of neck and back skin wrinkles significantly reduced. The research shows that hydrogen can be washed by scavenging reactive oxygen species as a daily skin from ultraviolet radiation damage and anti wrinkle.

Hydrogen water beauty

Hydrogen water with pure water as the carrier, the high concentration of hydrogen into the body, can promote cell detoxification, effectively improve the female menstrual cycle disorders, endocrine disorders, for intractable constipation, acne, pigmentation, dark pigmentation, female climacteric syndrome improvement, rid the body of toxins were significantly conditioning and prevention role.

Hydrogen water prevent oxidation

Oxidation is the biggest threat, skin aging and sun, pressure, environmental pollution, etc.skin free radicals can be spread, resulting in looking bleak, water and other oxidation. The body aging due to oxidation, the physiological role of 90% above our bodies need oxygen in biology called “redox reaction”.

The woman must own beauty. Whenever and wherever possible hydrogen water is a kind of Anti Japanese new old and young state of healthy drinking water. We often envy the Japanese women delicate pink skin, with their strong sense of maintenance very relationship. They take care to play to the extreme, medical discoveries of hydrogen water use hydrogen molecules can balance the body of free radicals, daily drinking will slow down their speed of aging.

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