The working principle of hydrogen water maker

The working principle of hydrogen water maker

Simple is good, it seems very reasonable, the working principle of the water in the cup in Japan is so simple, an electrolytic hydrogen water working principle, hydrogen water and let people enjoy the inexhaustible.

Electrolytic hydrogen water equation: working principle

The total water electrolysis reaction: 2H2O = electrolysis2=H2 = +O2

Electrode reaction:

anode:4OH- -4e- = O2↑ +2H2O

cathode:4H+ +4e- =2H2↑

The number of weak OH anode attract anions, OH lose electrons. While the cathode absorption in positron H+ is H+, attracted to the negatively charged electrons. The principle of generating hydrogen water in the cup in principle is so OK, medical related clinical research also confirmed that the hydrogen water and hydrogen treatment of low concentration., the effect is remarkable.


Water has a great virtue to nourish all things.

Hydrogen in the periodic table of elements ranked first, hydrogen water has strong effect, penetration, dissolution, metabolism, oxidation and reduction of hydrogen rich water strong. Contains abundant hydrogen molecules in vivo activity of decomposition of hydrogen, can eliminate the source of diseases of active oxygen. Hydrogen water by eliminating active oxygen to prevent disease and therefore, cure the disease, it will become the treatment of the water. Hydrogen water by electrolysis, can be real, so that prices can make each cup of hydrogen rich family, everyone can drink some hydrogen water magic.

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