Hydrogen water maker bottle is your best choice

Hydrogen water maker bottle is your best choice

Why is the glass the first choice?:
1, high temperature (800-900 DEG C) under the product, many harmful substances including organic matter and heavy metals in this link all removed.
2, glass transparency, easy to clean.
3, no harmful components are added in the processing.

However, note that the glass is most afraid of thermal expansion. Low temperature glasses don’t hold water, to prevent explosion. Children need to use glass in adult supervision.

The color of the glass? Suggest that you choose carefully because:

1, the glass itself does not bring color;

2, the production of colored glass has 2 possibilities:

A natural color, the original glass contains some minerals, making the glass is colored;

B most of the color glass, are made in the process of adding pigments, and these pigments generally contain heavy metals, but with color can not be a reason for the glass problem.

Enamel cups – to be eliminated after damage

The study showed that enamel cup broken parts, if contact drinks and other acidic substances, easy to precipitate heavy metals and other harmful substances, so that the damaged enamel cup to decisively eliminated, such as feel pity, can be used for carrying small pieces of goods or as a decoration.

Ceramic cups – do not choose colorful

The ceramic is divided into food grade and non food grade production, cutlery and glass ceramics are food grade, non food grade ceramics and making art and sink in completely different, food grade ceramic is strict.

After the glaze color, do not allow the cutlery to use, because contain heavy metals in pigments, and easy bleaching, when loading beverage will dissolve in the drink, if the hand to touch the cup will be inside the rugged; under glaze is the first on the colored glazed ceramic products, this is the most secure, can used to do dishes and cups; glaze is the glaze and color together, can do tableware use, but no color safety under glaze.

The Paper cup – can not to do

The unqualified cups open the package you can smell a smell, because of its use of ink may be inferior, general cup is very soft, pour the water after easy deformation; some even some seepage; touch the wall, can get on with the fine powder, finger touch into white, the typical the quality of paper cups.

At the time of purchase, but also pay attention to temperature and shelf life. When in use, the first not to drink water, scalded with boiling water for a few seconds, so volatile hazardous substances, reduce harmful substances on the human body. Therefore, the cup can not or not the best.

Why you don’t choose hydrogen water maker cup/Pot

The amount of water used in adults as the standard. The physiological need dose of 3000 ml, keep track of hydrogen cup through the daily drinking water, to improve the physique, let you in the imperceptibly, the edge of the body so healthy. Hydrogen water is not only clean, hydrogen energy, water is a small molecule active water masses. Negative ion absorption depth 80%, purify the blood, the blood flow and metabolism, prevention of various diseases, improve the health of human body.

Nontoxic water electrolysis hydrogen bottle, no harm to the body Gabriel,Charging can be used several times, whether you travel or meeting, you can enjoy

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