What kind of water can be electrolyzed by hydrogen water maker

What kind of water can be electrolyzed by hydrogen water maker

How to use the hydrogen rich water, a related operation, on the other hand relates to what electrolysis problem. There are consumers ask: water in the cup of mineral water electrolysis? Generally speaking, you usually drink water, water cup can be in electrolysis, except for some special water, like boiled water. Mineral water, bottled water can be used to electrolysis.


In addition to boiling water, mineral water, bottled water outside the “water” with caution, generally speaking, tap water is not used, because of residual chlorine in tap water, after electrolysis will produce harmful things. Boil the tap water, most of the residual chlorine are volatilized, and tap water to boil, put down to the water hardness.

When the factory inspection, will use some of the more standard water testing, such as boiling water, mineral water, general water bottled water. The formal standard of good. In addition, prohibited electrolytic beverage, fruit juice etc. in addition to anything outside of the drinking water.

The pure water bottled water is the most common type of market, natural spring water, mineral water, snow melt water and other types of pure water electrolysis. The effect of natural spring water, mineral water rich in minerals, beneficial to human body, but not a lot of patients with kidney stones, long-term drinking.


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