Convince you of the test about Hydrogen water maker

Convince you of the test about Hydrogen water maker

Test one

We made a test of emulsifying ability, cooking oil mixed with water, 1:1 pure water in oil and water in under stratification. In the hydrogen rich water in the water soak for half an hour, mixed stir with chopsticks:

It shows that the hydrogen rich water emulsion is strong, is a small molecular mass of water, which is conducive to the dissolution of oil, to reduce Fei, constipation, lower blood sugar, blood lipids help

Test two

Negative potential experiment: half a cup of pure water, half a cup of hydrogen rich water, respectively, with a cotton swab stick into the cup of iodine, stirring, the tap water cup from clear pale yellow, and hydrogen rich water discoloration, iodine is an oxidant,

That hydrogen rich water can clear the smoke hangover, clearing liver, antioxidant, free radical scavenging, anti-aging, most people love life, cherish the rare earth journey, hope to health and longevity, negative potential water can help you.

Test three

Solubility test, half a cup of pure water at room temperature, half a cup of hydrogen rich water at room temperature, put the same amount of green tea, 5 minutes later, you can see the hydrogen rich water cup color deep,

It shows that the water solubility of hydrogen rich water is strong, and it is the water of small molecular clusters, which can help the cells to absorb nutrients, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism and improve cell activity15

1 what is metabolic repair?

The process of material and energy metabolism function gradually recovered refers to repair. A lot of fat metabolism, carbohydrate, purine intake would increase the metabolic burden on the system, if things go on like this, metabolic dysfunction, decreased ability to deal with the matter, leading to metabolic diseases. Hydrogen rich water through the balance of internal environment, comprehensive repair metabolism, fundamental improvement including high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia and other metabolic diseases

2 hydrogen rich water weight loss effect?

Hydrogen rich water can significantly promote metabolism, there is a good weight loss effect, especially for overweight girls. With the appropriate amount of exercise and proper diet control, the effect will be more satisfactory

3 how to improve the effect of hypertension?

Hydrogen rich water can reduce blood viscosity and improve the elasticity of the blood vessels to regulate blood pressure, which can reduce the dependence on drugs within 3-6 months

May say so much, we still do not know is not suitable for yourself, here Xiaobian to mention hydrogen without any toxic side effect on human body, all people are free to drink, especially white-collar pressure, sub-health population, athletes, Amy, the elderly, pregnant women and children with poor immunity so hydrogen rich water is worthy of trust.

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