Hydrogen Water Maker Contains Hydrogen, Will Not Explode ?

Hydrogen Water Maker Contains Hydrogen, Will Not Explode ?

First, what is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is hydrogen containing water, also known as the hydrogen rich water. In Japan and South Korea, hydrogen is not the word, according to the literal meaning of the translation of hydrogen for water, so water hydrogen is called the water in water. Water is a compound composed of two kinds of hydrogen and oxygen, the main gas dissolved constituents from the air, so the water containing oxygen and nitrogen hydrogen. No air, no ordinary water dissolved hydrogen, hydrogen water is artificial dissolved hydrogen in the water. As we know, the gas containing water are often used as a beverage, beer and soda is dissolved in a large number of two carbon products containing hydrogen water can be understood as. The soda water carbon dioxide into hydrogen in the water. However, the water solubility is very high in carbon dioxide, water solubility of hydrogen is very small. The amount of hydrogen gas water contains much less than soda water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen saturated water atmospheric concentration Degree is about 1.6ppm



Two, how to make hydrogen water?

Production of hydrogen water commercialization requires technical conditions and equipment are good enough. In theory, making hydrogen water is not complex, can put the water into hydrogen pressure inside the tank, placed enough long time, hydrogen gas will be dissolved in water, hydrogen water make up. Tell you a little secret, water for preparing hydrogen the famous water hydrogen medical founder professor Tada Nario once in the laboratory is to use hydrogen pressure tank of ordinary injection. Also can use simple method, the hydrogen pipe directly into the water bubble blowing, the method and the fish supplemental oxygen is the same, but blowing prepared by water hydrogen hydrogen concentration is generally low. There are many other methods, such as the use of metal magnesium and water generated in the reaction of hydrogen preparation principle of metal hydride hydrogen water, such as calcium hydroxide or magnesium hydride can also produce hydrogen and water reaction, can also be used for preparing hydrogen water. But metal Magnesium and preparation of metal hydride hydrogen water containing metal ions more. By using the principle of water electrolysis can produce hydrogen gas, also can produce hydrogen containing water, electrolyzed water actually has been familiar, is a hydrogen containing water.

Three, hydrogen water containing hydrogen, will not explode?

Hydrogen is a flammable gas, not only can be an explosion, and the explosion was huge. Hydrogen is the highest molecular mass density, is in the same quality under the condition of combustion can release the most energy, it is because of this feature, in order to reduce the fuel load, the hydrogen is used in rocket fuel.

Combustion also have three elements, three elements are indispensable. The fuel combustion and ignition factors. Hydrogen is the fuel, oxygen is the accelerant, Mars is the ignition factor. The combustion of hydrogen requires the presence of oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen concentration must conform to a certain proportion, such as pure hydrogen in the absence of oxygen will not burn, nor this is the reason why there is no explosion, leakage from the high pressure cylinder of hydrogen can be stored safely. Generally, oxygen or hydrogen concentration is less than 4%, hydrogen and oxygen mixture will not burn, but will not explode. The hydrogen dissolved in the water concentration is relatively low, is not up to the burning concentration, even if the water has a high concentration of hydrogen do not burn, because the hydrogen reacts with oxygen to the ignition temperature above 500 degrees.


Four, the water contains two kinds of hydrogen and oxygen,

The water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, the atoms are combined with intact molecules together by chemical bonds. The hydrogen in water is atomic hydrogen, which is completely different from the hydrogen molecules, hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water with hydrogen molecules are molecules of two atoms of hydrogen combine.

We can also understand the problem with oxygen example. Life need oxygen, each water molecule contains an oxygen atom, but we can’t drink water instead of through breathing, because the water is not enough oxygen for us to use. Similarly, we need the molecular state of hydrogen, water as the carrier, but the water is not hydrogen, so we must put the artificial water containing hydrogen to produce hydrogen dissolved in the water.

In fact, all organic molecules containing hydrogen atoms, but these hydrogen atoms are combined with other atoms by valence. The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are combined; glucose has 12 hydrogen atoms, and is a combination of atoms of carbon and oxygen.

Hydrogen water refers to the water dissolved in the molecular state of hydrogen water, hydrogen molecules have therapeutic effect, the purpose of drinking hydrogen water as a hydrogen carrier

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