Hydrogen water maker effect depends on the concentration of hydrogen

Hydrogen water maker effect depends on the concentration of hydrogen

The key role of the generation of hydrogen rich water is required by all kinds of advanced technology for water dissolved in sufficient concentrations of hydrogen, hydrogen and water conservation is the key to hydrogen water products, in order to solve the problem of hydrogen gas leaks, many foreign manufacturers to adopt the method of monthly distribution. Is to reduce inventory, increase the quantity of hydrogen. Of course can also be in the optimization of packaging technology, prolong the retention time of hydrogen21

There will be such a question, the water would not have hydrogen? Do ordinary water without a hydrogen water. Of course there are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, but not atoms. Like molecules containing carbon, hydrogen in oxygen glucose, three kinds of atoms, and the oxygen ratio is 2:1, but no glucose molecular state of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and no water molecules.

Human and animal drinking water after hydrogen, hydrogen can be rapidly through the stomach and oral mucosa spread to the mucous membrane, and then into the blood vessels, with blood circulation to all parts of the body, most of them soon after breathing is released into the atmosphere. This process can reference after drinking alcohol absorption, the police can ask the driver to monitor analysis of whether the blow drinking and alcohol consumption, if you need more accurate data, you need to collect the blood by gas chromatography were analyzed. In order to analysis the level of hydrogen in hydrogen or hydrogen after drinking water breathing, scientists can also refer to the method of analysis of alcohol, breath or blood collection, were used to analysis hydrogen detector or quantitative gas chromatography analysis.


Many people know that hydrogen can be used as an energy, this energy is used for space flight fuel, because hydrogen as energy will not produce any pollution, as the future of green energy concept. The last 10 years, molecular hydrogen was discovered with the promotion of cell metabolism and release inflammation, has attracted extensive attention from medical biologists, from 2007 it has published more than and 700 academic papers. We used to have medical hydrogen related research are introduced, we will have some new research content tracking, timely introduction to the broad masses of medical hydrogen peers and fans.

Although the content of hydrogen in the atmosphere is rare, but hydrogen has been widely distributed on the earth, some scholars have suggested that because of the ancient water on earth contains a large number of hydrogen to provide a critical condition for the origin of life

According to the research that the early earth hydrogen concentration in the atmosphere reaches as high as 40%, the formation is very suitable for primitive life. With the passage of time, the small particle gas of hydrogen light gradually spread to the outer layer of the earth’s atmosphere, and lost in the vast universe. By now the hydrogen in the earth’s atmosphere is very scarce, only about 0.5ppm (note with hydrogen water ppm is very different). So the earth’s surface water contains a very small amount of hydrogen (only 1.8% of the proportion of gas dissolved in the water).

If you want to increase the amount of dissolved hydrogen, must try to improve the concentration of surface hydrogen, technically we often referred to as the increase of the gas / water surface area. Here we are able to understand, most of the water dissolved oxygen and nitrogen amount, because these two kinds of gas and water gas / water contact surface area that is the main component of the air. If the earth is omnipresent in the atmosphere only hydrogen, then the earth all natural water is water. Hydrogen rich water hydrogen hydrogen has no effect, the key is the concentration of hydrogen, although there is no water on the hydrogen concentration of the standard, but the academic can think that the hydrogen concentration is good, because the effect of high coverage low concentration, while the hydrogen is not toxic, so from the perspective effect should be to improve concentration.

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