Effects of Olansi Hydrogen Rich Water Machine and Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

Effects of Olansi Hydrogen Rich Water Machine and Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

What is Hydrogen Rich Water?

There is a natural spring in an abandon mine cave in Nordenau, Germany. In 1992, it was found by chance that the water from the spring could heal diseases. It is called “Miracle Water” by world of mouth for it has unbelievable healing effects on many kinds of diseases. It heal diseases and has effects on diseases like diabetes, allergies, high blood pressure, gall-stone, rheumatism, dermatitis, insomnia, arthritis, digestive disorders, tumors, cancers, bronchial asthma, myocardial infarction. Japanese medical Dr. Xiuguang Lin has done research and clinical verification on “Nordenau Miracle Water”. He finally unlocked the mysteries of “Nordenau Miracle Water”that it is rich in hydrogen. The highest amount of hydrogen could reach 0.35X10-6ppm, which is quite striking. After further studies, he established“Water Control Theory”.

Hydrogen Rich Water is literally water that is rich in hydrogen. It is called hydrogen water in English and in Japanese. According to scientific research, consuming hydrogen water can prevent oxidation, anti aging, selectively remove free radicals, antiinflammatory and excrete poisonous radicals.

The Markets of Japan and Overseas

Japan is the first country that started its studies on Hydrogen Medical Science. The market of hydrogen water has reached 30 billion Japanese yen last year. There are many domestic manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen water in Korean, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The factories in Australia and America are under the stage of design and planning, and will be put into use in 2017.


Analysis on the Chinese Market

Before the year 2013, the top price of hydrogen water imported form Japan was 300 RMB per bottle when it first lunched in China. Even though it was not well-known among most of the Chinese consumers, more and more people would begin to try by world of mouth. China has a large population and is entering the aging society. If ten million people would spend 20 RMB in hydrogen water everyday, it would be a 70 billion market.


  1. Technology leadership, and own a number of patents

-The introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, our product access to a number of domestic and foreign patents

-China water purifier industry well – known enterprises, featured with strong strength of capital

-Years of focus on hydrogen water health, the product is widely recognized by consumers


  1. Premium quality, industry recognition

-High QA control , and strive to rely on quality

-the first member unit of Guangzhou City Water Purification Industry Association

-Strong strength, and truly provide you with products value for money


  1. Superior strength, value for money

-Have advanced production equipment, to ensure rapid delivery of non-arrears

-Have own perfect laboratory

-Have own injection molding plant and filter production plant

-All products are dust-free workshop production

-First hand products;offer agent profitable products


4.Professional team, and complete after-sales service

-Strong market team and technical team with accurate market positioning

-Provide satisfied after-sales service


hydrogen water maker
hydrogen water maker


Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacture, and sales of household environmental purification products like Household Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Hydrogen Water Maker products. Our mission is to enable more customer to drink clean and healthy water, to breath fresh air, and to live a healthy life through technology.

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