Pregnant women can drink water ? the truth out !

Pregnant women can drink water ? the truth out !

It slowly began to spread the biological hydrogen, consumers through the mail to ask: can you water cup in pregnant women ?, pregnant women can drink hydrogen rich water


Hydrogen and hydrogen rich water safety

In April 28,12014, FDA approved a hydrogen water company to obtain Gras certification.GRAS called Generally Recognized asSafe, Chinese meaning is generally recognized as safe, that is according to the current human knowledge, found no such toxic and harmful substances, is safe for people.

2, FDA Gras is the certification institutions for safety of a product, the authentication data from the chemical properties of hydrogen, hydrogen absorption and release of hydrogen used in animal and human experiments in the situation, and diving human trials using hydrogen as one, systematically demonstrates the safety of hydrogen water of the people.

Is not all the hydrogen rich water, pregnant women can drink?

Hydrogen and hydrogen rich water also have quality problems, that is the question of the purity and content of harmful substances. Now on the market a lot of hydrogen rich water, according to hydrogen production methods can be divided into two categories, chemical and electrolytic, including electrolytic electrolysis. But most common electrolysis and SPE proton hydrogen oxygen separation membrane the electrolysis electrolysis, at the same time there may be residual chlorine and ozone, if a large number of drink, long drink, will drink out of the problem.

Note that the water hydrogen or hydrogen rich water is not equivalent to hydrogen, mentioned because of the different water quality, electrolytic hydrogen production method or process of Zen, hydrogen water may carry other harmful substances.


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