What is the difference between RO water purifier and UF water purifier?

What is the difference between RO water purifier and UF water purifier?

At present, the most popular water purifier is the reverse osmosis (RO) machine and ultrafiltration(UF) machine, usually known as pure water machine and water purifier. What is the difference between the two?


First, technology

The biggest difference between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology lies in the filtration accuracy

Ro: refers to the external pressure than the osmotic pressure of the solution in the high water inlet side of the membrane, allowing only solution water and some components through selective, and other material not through being entrapped in the membrane surface process, referred to as RO, the filtering accuracy is 0.0001 microns.

Ultrafiltration: pressure difference as the driving force, the separation of molecular weight range from hundreds to millions, the membrane pore size of about 0.001~0.2 microns physical screening process, referred to as UF, the filtration accuracy of 0.001 microns

Two, the structure

Pure water machine: booster pump, power supply, a water storage tank, usually five filters. The first grade filter, the second and third grade activated carbon, fourth stage reverse osmosis membrane for use in aerospace technology RO, fifth grade refined activated carbon is mainly used to improve the taste.

Water purifier: no motor, no power supply, driven by water pressure filtration, the use of stainless steel tube for the body, stainless steel, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, better able to adapt to changes in the environment temperature

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Three, function

Pure water machine: can impurities, rust, sediment, colloid, bacteria, viruses, and radioactive particles, harmful organic compounds, fluorescent material, pesticide removal, alkali and heavy metals can also be removed; but will also remove trace elements beneficial to human health.

The water purifier can filter the impurities in tap water, rust, bacteria, virus, colloid, filtered water retention of trace elements beneficial to human health.

Four, disadvantages

Pure water machine: pure water machine in the process of water will produce waste water

Water purifier for heavy metals and the scale effect is not great.


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