Six characteristics determine the role of hydrogen rich water

Six characteristics determine the role of hydrogen rich water

“The unique advantages including the biological effects of hydrogen selective oxidation, regulation of gene expression, ability and great safety rapid tissue diffusion. A lot of basic research and preliminary clinical studies show that hydrogen has a potential therapeutic value for many acute and chronic diseases, also has a role in maintaining and improving health. Medical application of hydrogen was first found by Japanese scholars and that the United States and other countries and was quickly China scholars verified. As a clinical application tool there is hope, the current medical research evidence of hydrogen has been very rich, there will be rapid development in clinical research and application. According to a recent long review, summed up the 6 characteristics of hydrogen in medicine.

1 excellent hydrogen diffusion capacity

Due to the good diffusion ability, for some blood supply is not rich, such as inner ear or selective barrier brain eye and other diseases and injuries, hydrogen has a unique advantage

2 oxidative damage is the goal of hydrogen treatment

Redox imbalance and active oxygen production increased the disease. Because of oxidative stress is the common pathophysiology of many diseases, so very many of these types of diseases. So hydrogen on oxidative injury related diseases effectively, because the free radical scavenging potential of hydrogen, especially hydrogen can selectively neutralize free radicals and does not affect the strong toxicity has the characteristics of physiological role of reactive oxygen species.

3) the scope of hydrogen treatment for the disease

Hydrogen can improve the clinical pathology of many diseases, improve the life quality of patients. The effect of hydrogen is achieved indirectly by reducing oxidative and inflammatory injury, usually this lack of treatment and drug specific, hydrogen can be for a variety of diseases associated with oxidative stress can produce effect, also means that the extensive role.



4) the flexibility of hydrogen in combination with other treatments

The outstanding advantages of hydrogen is not to interfere with other treatment methods. This feature can make the combined treatment method of hydrogen and other various. Such as hydrogen can be combined with other treatments, as reducing drug (cancer chemical and radiation therapy) treatment side effects, improve the overall effect of clinical treatment.

5) great biological safety of hydrogen

The safety of hydrogen has a very huge reliable solid evidence, this is the special advantage of hydrogen treatment, the hydrogen treatment can be used as a tentative means. An important reason for many diseases cannot be widely used is drug toxicity or serious side effects, clinical application should be considered in order to focus on clinical drug dose decision. The effect of the relationship is the fundamental reason for trying to use the minimum dose to obtain the most reliable treatment effect. Because hydrogen is very safe, can not only pay attention to consider the dose effect of treatment.

6 hydrogen treatment is simple

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, the water on the earth is widespread way of hydrogen, mankind has mastered a variety of simple acquisition of hydrogen technology, hydrogen has become a human research in-depth understanding, very easy to get gas. A large number of studies show that the hydrogen solubility in water injection and drinking, breathing or mixing a small amount to breathing gas, may have the effect of treatment of diseases, the characteristics of the simple hydrogen hydrogen potential is huge.


These characteristics of medical hydrogen, hydrogen that has a wide application prospect. In the product and use technology, only need to provide safe and effective evidence, will have great market potential. This simple and safe medicine means hydrogen bound to human health produced revolutionary influence “

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