How to buy household desktop water purifiers?

How to buy household desktop water purifiers?

With the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, the quality of drinking water is getting higher and higher. All kinds of OLANSI household water purifiers have also entered millions of households. So how to choose a water purifier?

1. Hygiene licensing approval is the key

Consumers should have a “request” consciousness when buying a water purifier, and check the sanitary license approval number on the product label and instructions, or directly ask the seller for sanitary license approval. Imported water -related products are no exception.

It should be checked in detail whether the information on the sanitary license approval of the hygiene -related product is consistent with the actual information of the product.

2. Be careful when selecting different filter elements

When consumers choose a water purifier, the easiest thing is to face a series of filter elements. Different treatment methods such as micro filter, ultrafiltration, nathe filtration, and reverse osmosis are different. Consumers can choose according to the needs of individuals and families. For example, the water after “reverse osmosis” is close to pure water, and consumers who have a soft spot for “mineral water” should pay attention.

3. Prohibit marking the prevention and treatment of diseases

It is worth noting that some manufacturers will falsely exaggerate the functions of hydrating products and mark the effects of “alkaline water”, “activated water” and “oxygen -rich”. In fact, the aquaculture -related products shall not be explicit or imply that the prevention and treatment of diseases shall be purchased according to actual needs to avoid being misleading.

4. How long does the filter element change?

Static water flow refers to the amount of water that the equipment can handle during the unit time. Generally, it is marked how many liters of treatment per minute. The total water volume of the rated water is the upper limit of the total processing of the machine. If it reaches the upper limit, the filter element of the water purifier should be replaced.

The time for replacing the filter element will generally be clearly identified in the instructions of the Olansi water purifier.


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