Hydrogence Water Bottle from China Olansi

Hydrogence Water Bottle from China Olansi

Hydrogen rich cup in Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries have some luxury products, the world has been pursued, the 2016 CCTV search discovery programs “root – the magic of hydrogen rich water“, let us China people are aware of the hydrogen rich water, and hydrogen rich water has been some channels can foreign purchase, the price is too high to be reached, like Japan just a cup the cheapest is nearly 4000,

Hydrogen rich cup produced by Guangzhou Olansi, the end of the foreign market profits, so that our country can we Chinese production of hydrogen rich water with independent patent, and thus no longer dependent on foreign imports, we want more people to use our parity cup to benefit more people.




Hydrogen rich water glass is produced by electrolysis of hydrogen rich water, electrolytic hydrogen production by water for several minutes, then, the normal charging 2.5-3 hours can be filled with electricity, full of electricity can carry the cup, just pour clean water, bottled water, boiling water, must not pour tap water, because the hydrogen rich does not have the cup the water can be poured into the boiling water, the temperature below 60 degrees, you can immediately open the power of a hydrogen production by water, full of electricity, can be hydrogen rich water electrolysis 15-20 cup or so, either for business or tourism, when the scene, no power, we can still enjoy the hydrogen rich water health.

Hydrogen rich water hydrogen production by water, often drink can scavenge entirediseases first free radicals, purify blood, for patients with constipation, under normal circumstances, insist on half a month can get good relief, remember that a normal day drinking water is about 2000ml, a cup capacity is 500ml, that is to say a day about 4 cups of water, for some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s stick can play a very good effect on women, premature aging, wrinkles, insist on drinking hydrogen rich water, the skin can wake up from the new, return to the good luster and elasticity. The product must be have a preferential price, if the price so that we can only choose to give up

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