Hydrogen water major problems(2)

Hydrogen water major problems(2)

1, the current situation of hydrogen research at home and abroad?


Hydrogen papers published at home and abroad has 500 articles, which accounted for 1/4 of domestic paper. At present, has been validated by experiments and published the hydrogen has the effect of treating or improving diseases including metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, atherosclerosis, hangover, erectile dysfunction and so on more than 60

2, what crowd is suitable for drinking negative hydrogen water?

All people are free to drink, especially under pressure of white-collar workers, sub health groups, athletes, beauty lovers, pregnant women and people with health care needs.

3, what are the benefits of athletes?

Strenuous exercise can produce large amounts of oxygen free radicals in the body, leading to “oxidative stress”, hydrogen can effectively alleviate the oxidative stress reaction. The latest research shows that hydrogen water can counteract the movement caused by the acidification of the blood, to help athletes increases endurance and rapid recovery, long-term drinking can improve performance of athletes.

4, what are the benefits for pregnant women?

The anti radiation effect of hydrogen ionizing radiation can prevent fetal injury; anti mutated cells can protect the normal development of the fetus; immune regulation can prevent maternal fever; metabolic regulation can prevent gestational diabetes and hypertension; effect of tissue repair can promote maternal postpartum recovery. It is also found that the actual use of drinking water, the negative hydrogen can significantly reduce the pregnancy reaction.

5, does hydrogen have clear evidence of anti-aging?

A Japanese study found that centenarians hydrogen production capacity is very strong, up to 59.4 + 62.6 ppm, is three times the normal healthy people, namely endogenous hydrogen protect the longevity of the elderly health, anti-aging. There is also an experimental proof, nematode hydrogen environment extends the service life of long term drinking hydrogen water several times. Water, to enhance the level of health, improve sub-health symptoms and prevention of chronic diseases, especially chronic diseases inevitably less illness can make people live longer

6, healthy people drink negative hydrogen water will have what experience?15

First of all, the most obvious, the fastest experience is the anti fatigue effect; secondly, drinking hydrogen water and combined with hydrogen water mask can improve skin color, fade age spots, spots and so on all kinds of skin problems; thirdly, improve immunity, colds, fever will be significantly reduced, even if the cold symptoms will significantly reduced; long-term drinking can prevent many diseases, including chronic disease; long-term drinking can achieve perfect anti-aging effect.

7, children’s drinking is safe?

Can rest assured that the current air pollution led to a decline in immunity in many children, drinking hydrogen water can improve the disease resistance of children, while preventing obesity and other common health problems in modern children.

8, how to drink negative hydrogen water in order to achieve the effect of health care?

Healthy people according to their economic conditions, you can listen to 1-2 every day, you can listen to 8 listen to 10; sub-health, hypertension and other slow disease crowd 2-3 per day to listen, drink more effective faster and more significant.

9, one day when drinking negative hydrogen water absorption best?

In general, the morning, lunch, dinner, before and after exercise, drinking alcohol before and under the condition of the best effect.


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