Note: the use of hydrogen water Maker using personal summary

Note: the use of hydrogen water Maker using personal summary

1, routine use

Button to press a short time of electrolysis, two for a long time electrolysis, long press off..

2, water source

Only with boiling water or warm boiling water, bottled water, bottled water, prohibited the use of other non potable water, don’t try to electrolytic beer, tea, cola, fruit juice etc.

3, other matters needing attention

(1), the charging interface is not inserted, do not force the press, it is because the plug is wrong,

(2)Many times after electrolysis, the lid seal is good, there will be a lot of pressure, if a long time, may put the cup seat silicone gasket down to below, which Water Leakage, water dripping into the circuit board after boot or if the charging circuit board is broken. Although this situation rarely occurs, but also need to guard against.

(3)The first time, the cup with clean tap water, tap water loading test, if there is Water Leakage cup cup seat near the place that the cup body and the base is not tightened, tighten the point.

(4), after a long time, if the cup and the base scale, please wash with vinegar, then put the glass separation and the base, clean can. But be careful of a H1 bottle is hydrogen water, remember.



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