Hydrogen water generator can be used hot water

Hydrogen water generator can be used hot water

1.Temperature, pressure is certain, the hydrogen solubility is certain

Under normal temperature and pressure, hydrogen is a highly flammable, colorless and transparent, no odor gas. Hydrogen gas is the smallest density known to the world. At 20 DEG 100mL water can dissolve 1.82mL hydrogen, dissolved with water specific can have a great relationship.

2, You can use hot hydrogen water

As for the hydrogen water maker can not use hot water, the answer is: Yes. But the higher the temperature, the water molecules, the hydrogen molecule activity is stronger, the higher the temperature, the thermal motion of molecules is more intense, more fierce collision, into the gas more easily detached.

3, the hydrogen water maker with hot water, but should pay attention to the following matters

The cup of water to Japan in the cup is food grade plastic, if the poor quality of the plastic, Wendy is high, it may precipitate harmful substances.

Domestic consumers generally love hydrogen rich glass cup, glass material is all the most secure.

Can the electrolysis is drinking water, no things drinking water poured into the cup. Chinese electrolytic hydrogen rich in drinking water generally refers to boil tap water or boiling water, bottled water, mineral water and so on.

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