Have you ever heard th seceond time pollution ?

Have you ever heard th seceond time pollution ?

In order to let the family to live in a healthy environment, many people put the air purifier at home, it is also an essential artifact as against the haze. However, the air purifier may cause the seceond time pollution if not make the best of use

How many kind of air purifier ?

At present,there are two types of pirifier in the market. Pure physical purification filter net type air purifier and the ion type air purifier,a lot of people use HEPA filter net type air purifier,this type of air cleaner than the ion type air purifier is safe, but if not meke best use of it , there will be a hidden danger, such as th seceond time pollution caused by air.

What will cause th seceond time pollution ?

one is the time to use the filter type air purifier is not timely to change or clean the filter, therefore, pollutants intercepted was released back into the air, the two is the use of electrostatic air purifier to generate ozone, ozone damage to the human body. So whether it is what is the correct use of the air purifier is the most important.

How to reduce seceond time pollution ?

Pay attention to the appropriate time to replace or clean the filter, HEPA filter can not be washed, generally only vacuum cleaner suction, not only to extend the life of air purifier, but also to avoidth seceond timep ollution,now many air purifiers have suggested light filter replacement. According to the instructions to see, when the indicator light, consumers need to replace the filter. If there is no light, also need to use their own frequency, observe and control the specification of the product service life, good cleaning and replacement work.

It is a reminder, often open the window, ensure air circulation, it is a better way. In the purification of outdoor air pollution or indoor environment pollution, air purifiers can use an auxiliary function. Open air purifier, to close the doors and windows, creating a relatively closed environment, to ensure that products play a purifying effect better; if the outdoor air quality is very good, there is no need to open for a long time to the ventilation air purifier, should be as the first choice.


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