Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking

Air purifier Top Nine brands in 2015 ranking
Air purifier for us to remove some of the harmful substances in the environment, but in general, the effect of a good air purifier products will be more obvious, you want to buy air purifier friends can look at the top ten air purifier in 2015 Brand ranking.
Air purifier top ten brands 1. Philips
Philips is derived from the Dutch brand, its brand history is quite long, Philips small appliances in the industry is quite well known, regardless of appearance or performance are one of the best, but the Philips product prices are relatively better than Generally higher product.
Air purifier top ten brands 2. Midea
Midea brand known throughout the country, I believe that the products used by the US friends know that no product performance is very good, it is important to purchase the United States and the product is quite assured.
Air purifier top ten brands 3. a step
A step is made of domestic air purifier brand, a better understanding of the needs of domestic consumers, consumers can use to create a good use of the brand, a step in the domestic market is now getting better and better.
Air purifier top ten brands 4.Sharp / Sharp
Sharp / Sharp’s home appliances in the global visibility is also high, the air purifier products also have many advantages, the price of the product and other brand products price difference is not great, is a worthy of consideration brand.
Air purifier top ten brands 5. Malata
Malata is well-known home appliance brand, but also small appliances pilot enterprises, Malata products in terms of design and overall performance is not lost on international brands, among the top ten brands of air purifier.
Air purifier top ten brands 6 Odio
Odio is the world’s leading air purifier pilot enterprises, and now the world’s first intelligent solar air purifier is still the Odio all, is the world’s only one, enough to witness the brand’s strength Odio.
Air purifier top ten brands 7. Ruibao -Blueair
Ruibao – Blueair is derived from the Swedish air purifier brand, a high profile in foreign countries, Ruibao – Bu Ruya Seoul may be in the domestic market penetration is not very high, but I believe that consumers more The understanding and understanding of Ruibao – Brumaire, will be recognized it.
Air purifier top ten brands 8. Honeywell honeywell
Honeywell honeywell be regarded as high-grade air purifier brand, products from the inside to the outside show high-quality, this from the United States brand in the country occupy a lot of market share.
Air Purifier top ten brands 9. Di Mei Di is the world’s first in the field of one of the enterprises, and now Di’s design team is also the world’s first in the field of professional research team, human technology is the biggest advantage of the United States One, combined with mature technology, making it in the industry have no small influence.

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