Zero formaldehyde from furniture manufacturer is just a Legend

Furniture manufacturers declares “zero formaldehyde” to meet public furniture demand, but because the wood itself contains very few amounts of formaldehyde, what’s more, adhesives and other materials used on wood processing contains formaldehyde, so zero formaldehyde is just a legend.


Reporters learned that most of the formaldehyde comes from furniture, decorative materials and textile articles. So how to reduce or eliminate formaldehyde?


First, use high-quality paint and even water-based paint when housing renovation to reduce the release of formaldehyde from the source. Try to select trusted brands when buying furnitures, decorative materials and textile items.


Secondly, ventilation is also very necessary new house decoration. Test data indicates that under normal circumstances the formaldehyde release period of indoor decoration will last from 3 to 15 years. Therefore, in conjunction with other methods to remove formaldehyde it is very necessary.


Finally, suggest to use cold catalyst, activated carbon, and other material to remove formaldehyde, of course, air purifier with cold catalyst, activated carbon if a good choice.

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