Pay more attention to indoor air pollution-Olans air purifier!

Pay more attention to indoor air pollution-Olans air purifier!

Home, it has been people’s warmest haven.

But if family had something as following,it is no longer warm haven.

  1. Secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke is the main source of air pollution. Secondhand smoke contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar, hydrogen cyanide, etc. Increase the chance of people suffering from cancer.

  1. Interior pollutants emission

Decoration materials, they also emit formaldehyde, radon, ammonia, benzene,other TOVC harmful gases.

Long-term exposure to low amount of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, lower neonatal body, chromosomal abnormalities, or even cause nosepharyngeal cancer. While long-term exposure to high amount of radon, can cause lung cancer, leukemia, skin cancer and other respiratory diseases.

  1. Kitchen Smoke

Often some people after cooking has no appetite, dull sense of smell, thirst, dizziness, eye, nose and throat irritation symptoms. Those symptoms are called “oil drunk syndrome” in abroad.

Long-term inhalation of kitchen smokes can damage cell membrane, cause lipid degeneration, resulting in heart and blood disease, or cancer increasement.

A variety of indoor air pollution is always silently surround our families, which you can not see or even touch, but it is always making you feel uncomfortable.

This indoor air pollution is always hard to detect. Olans air purifier eliminate indoor air pollution by using advanced science and technology, making home more warm and more love!

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