How to use the air purifier?

How to use the air purifier?

Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, air cleaners, air cleaners and other means to filter out or kill airborne pollutants, effectively improve air cleanliness products. The proper use of air purifiers can not only guarantee the life of the air cleaner, and can guarantee the best purifier purifying effect. In use should note the following aspects:

To start the first air purifier clean air according to the environmental pollution. PM2.5 pollution, such as the purification of air purifiers, preferably in severe air pollution or indoor environmental pollution case, it can guarantee a good purification effect. If atmospheric air quality is very good, there is no need for a long time open air purifier. Summer and winter can be used in conjunction with a humidifier, the best results.

The second in a timely manner to cleaner cleaning and maintenance, installation of lights wash electrostatic adsorption purifier, when the signal light indicates full dust, dust collection plate to clean.

The third function of the high efficiency filter purifier filter replacement indicator can always check if there is no indicator to turn on the machine to view pollution filter, if the filter black, we should immediately replace the filter.

Fourth in the course to observe the purifying effect of the air purifier, if you find a significant decrease in the purification or open air purifiers are later discovered to smell, we must promptly replace the filter material and cleaning the filter.

Fifth Note the use of safety. Electrostatic adsorption air purifier, when used, should avoid direct contact with children, because of their high voltage, to prevent electric shock. Activated carbon filter and high efficiency filter should pay attention away from the fire source in use, to avoid inadvertently inhaled cigarette smokers, to prevent fires.

Sixth air purifier using placement is also very important, try not to rely on the walls or the furniture, preferably in the middle of the room, away from the wall or in the use of distance 1m or more.

Seventh – like air purifiers do not put too close to the body from the place, because harmful gas purifier around more. If smokers smoke purifier purifier can smoke from some of the people from the past.

The last but not mean the least, window ventilation room conditions, do not use the air purifier, but to pay attention to outdoor air pollution during the ventilation window.

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