How to choose the Car air purifier ?

How to choose the Car air purifier ?

The car air purifier is dedicated to purify automotive odor, poisonous and harmful gas in the air, bacteria, viruses, such as the car pollution of the air purifier.

People has higher requirement for in-car air quality, many owners in order to improve the air quality inside the car and have bought the car air purifier.But Many people don’t know how to choice car air purifier, to effectively deal with the harm of any pollution 2

Mesh type car air purifier

Mesh type car air purifier, can effective cleaning the dust inside the car, formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria and other harmful substances, as a result of the limitation of power, they don’t have enough fan power, can’t get the car’s air suction and purification, so the mesh type car air purifier purify ability is limited, effective purification effect.

The electrostatic dust collection type car air purifier

Electrostatic dust collection type car air purifier needs to cooperate with other equipment, to achieve efficient purification effect.Because electrostatic dust collection type car air purifier and adsorption and can’t completely eliminate peculiar smell, can’t complete decomposition of toxic chemicals.At the same time, its purification effect and the purification efficiency will increase as the accumulation of particulate matter and decreasing, need often clean dust board to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, consequently higher maintenance costs.

Ozone car purifier

Ozone car air purifier working principle is to produce ozone to purify the air inside the car, in order to achieve the effect of improving in-car air quality.Although, ozone has certain effect on bacteria, especially for amine, nicotine, bacteria, etc.But in the use of this type of car air purifier, paying proper attention to the car ozone concentration, because if the ozone concentration is too high, can produce secondary pollution, harm to human body health.

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