Five tips to teach you to buy air purifiers !

Five tips to teach you to buy air purifiers !

Affected by the haze, people began to pay attention to respiratory health problems. The air purifier and anti haze masks have become the focus of attention of consumers. Although there are many departments exposed some air purifier brand unqualified, but this does not affect people buy air purifiers, just when people buy air purifier become more rational so, want to buy an air purifier, and how to choose?


Purchase according to demand

Select the air purifier according to their own housing area, if only for the bedroom or a guest room, you can choose to apply 28-40 square purifier, if you want to use the whole house, then you want to choose the appropriate 70-120 square meter purifier

The CADR value is an important parameter information of consumers, it is based on the consumers’ own small room area is large, the purchase needs to consider whether the CADR match with their room area, if not match, is not up to the purification effect. For example, if a purifier CADR is 750m3/h, if the room is high 3 meters, so the air purifier applicable area: 750 / 5 / 3=50 square meters. Note that if the home air pollutant is formaldehyde, formaldehyde CADR purifier will need to look at the value.

Look at noise and energy efficiency

If the purifier bought although a lot of noise, so what a good purification effect, in the use of experience will be greatly reduced. Especially for sleep requirements of the people, the noise may be a primary factor affecting decision-making. According to the ordinary people of the auditory response to noise, noise or interval should be 20-70dB (A) range. And the energy efficiency, energy saving products and simply is not. While the other parameters, such as numerical display, dehumidification and so on, need according to the geographical location and weather conditions and personal habits to determine, in general, purifier friendly interaction often bring a lot of convenience.

See product detail

In the choice of any product, in fact, as long as the attention to detail, you can probably master the quality of the products. As a manufacturer, will be in the detail and production efforts, so the quality of the products must be good. So we want to select a high quality air purifier products, if you do not understand in recognition technology and the performance of the case, look at detail , is more reliable.

See filter quality

Any product, are the core things. For the air purifier, filter is his key. So we choose air purifier products, first look at the screen quality is good, whether to meet their requirements, and the filter manufacturing is to a qualified standard. So we must choose the filter quality fine workmanship and air purifier products is the most reliable. In addition, the filter replacement costs at the time of purchase also need to be considered.

Look at the industry representative brand

When choosing a product, if you do not know how to distinguish the quality, you can look at present in the industry mainstream brands. At present, the air purifier industry, we can reference from Guangzhou Olansi brand purifier products.

Note that different products have different effect on the purification of different pollutants, such as fog and haze serious area, can be used to remove air particulate purifier strong, and for those consumers new house decoration, recommend the removal of formaldehyde and other gaseous pollutants. The ability of the products can be used for a long time, the ventilation purification purifier is also associated with the habit of using cleaner can not once and for all products, the need for regular cleaning, maintenance, replacement of filters, in order to give full play to the purification effect.

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