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China’s anti-pollution tech is booming, but it can’t make dirty air go away

Behind a red wooden door, down a Beijing alley, lies what is allegedly the cleanest air spot in the smog-sodden city. Numerous air purifiers gently whir in the Breathing Space Courtyard, in the Chinese capital’s Beixinqiao area. Dotted around the courtyard’s main building, which houses the headquarters of Beijing startup Origins Technology, are small, sleek alarm clock-like monitors showing air quality index (AQI) readings. Called Laser Eggs, these 499 yuan (£53) monitors display flicking numbers that seldom go above 10, [...]

Home air purifier:Poor Air Quality Increases Risk Of Stroke

Air quality continues to be a hot button issue across not only the United States, but the entire world. As research pinpoints the negative effects of smog and air pollution on our respiratory systems, new German research has found fine particulate matter has recently been linked to increased levels of stokes in adults. More than 4400 residents of Bochum, Essen, and Mülheim an der Ruhr participated in the study. Participants were selected over the time period from 2000 to 2003, [...]

Air purifier sales boom amid China’s pollution

If you currently live in China, and especially in one of its larger cities like Beijing or Shanghai, you are surely well-acquainted with the recent wave of pollution that eerily envelopes the tallest of buildings, often making it difficult to see even a kilometer in the distance. Although I can remember looking out over the Bund from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in 2007 and seeing the city slowly disappear in front of me, the recent photos coming out [...]

Air purifier Eight Problems

1.Air purifier can 24 hours of continuous open? Successive meetings does not create other problems? As long as the fan life, wear, heat is no problem on the line. Since theoretically, any appliances are able to operate 24 hours without a break, but will have electrical service life, the life expectancy is calculated in accordance with time. For the purposes of air purifier, after a long time to open, the filter material loss is large, for example, could have a [...]

Air Purifier: do practical things more important than the brand of storytelling do not “up in the wind.”

Air purifier market is a tempting big “cake”, since the explosive growth after 2013 has entered its fourth year. Gfk Retail observed test data, in 2016 the market continued the 2015 outbreak of high-speed, one quarter of the overall air purifier market model of 1421, representing an increase of 420. As can be seen, in the face of unprecedented market, a variety of so-called dark horse counterattack, cutting-edge in the upper story of this industry is still constantly clamored. Specifically, [...]

Air purifier CADR value is not the higher the better

Haze frequently, in order to prevent PM2.5 particulate matter on health hazards, many people travel abroad habitually wear a mask. However, people tend to focus on outdoor pollution, neglect of indoor pollution. According to statistics, the biggest victims of indoor pollution is that children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronically ill people, especially children, are more susceptible than adults to hazards of indoor pollution. Defending indoor air clean and protect the health of family members, air purifiers become the [...]

Information to buy air purifiers

 Air purifier shape composed mainly chassis shell, filtration segment, duct design, motors, power supplies, LCD displays. Decided life is the motor, determine the purification efficiency of the filter segment can decide whether a quiet duct design, chassis shell, filtration segment motor. Air purifier is mainly composed of motors, fans, air filters, intelligent monitoring system components, some models of machine equipped with a water tank humidifying function, or secondary purification device, such as a negative ion generator, high voltage circuit. Air [...]

New International Standard

Haze raging, China has become the hearts of the most difficult to forbear harm. When people “talk about the mere mention of haze”, the air purifier has become a guardian of health, haze nemesis, to help people to reduce formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other violations of the body, especially the protection of the elderly, infants, patients and other groups. It is also because the market is huge, profitable, industry rules yet, a large number of low-quality cottage products flooding the market, [...]

How to use an air purifier would be better?

Declining air quality in modern society, in order to provide more comfort to the family, environmentally friendly and healthy home environment, air purifiers have become a very popular small appliances. But many people do not realize is that although the air purifier can purify the air, but if the use of improper methods, is likely to cause secondary pollution Oh! But will also affect the life and performance. That how to use the squatters? The best home air purifier for [...]

Tips for Air Purifier

Air purifier now popular, massive publicity and dazzling products people do not know how to choose. However, air purifiers although powerful, but failed TV refrigerator into the ordinary people of the same family. Many consumers only see exaggerated advertising, but the concept of an air purifier but still very vague. First understand air purifiers have to start from a number of technical terms, what it is PM2.5? That is fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 fine particles, fine particles. [...]