Past this edge air purifier haze!

Haze problem, so that the air purifier rapid burst of red.But do you really know TA?What TA has a kind of past lives?Let editors take you into the air purifier evolution.

In 1823, two were named John and Charles Dean • who invented a new type of smoke guards, firefighters aim is to prevent the invasion of smoke when the fire. This probably is the “air purifier” of the prototype, but this time it is only protective, but also can not afford the more over-filtering effect.
Time to 1854, a man named Johns • Rittenhouse people try their predecessors on the basis of the invention, the filter means to his success by adding charcoal to achieve filter out harmful and toxic gases from the air. Air purifier gradually be developed.
During World War II, the US government conducted a large amount of radioactive material research, to keep the air clean, the researchers can safely breathe. They desperately need a way to filter out all harmful particles HEPA filters came into being at this time.
In the 1950s and 1960s, HEPA filters popular design and construction of air-raid shelter staff welcomed in a very long period of time are very popular.
Into the 1980s, the net air purification equipment usher in a major change, such as a home air purifier. Over the past focused on the filter to remove the stench, toxic chemicals and toxic gases, to get rid of a virus or bacteria, the effect is minimal.
The new home air purifier can effectively remove airborne bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, mold spores and other harmful substances, purifying the scope and effectiveness have been improved.
Today, air purifiers can be so widespread, in which hot events to raise awareness of the importance of air purification. Beginning of the 21st century, a SARS virus outbreak, people began to realize that life is important for the air purifier.

The past two years, air pollution is serious, especially in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and other places haze frequently, has seriously affected people’s daily lives and life safety. People greatly enhance the demand for air purifiers.

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