Air Purifier Market is a good choice

Air Purifier Market is a good choice

With the development of social economy, people’s care more about the quality of life, and more and more attention to their living environment. In recent years, the demand of air purifier china is increase because of the air pollution, incidents has greatly promoted the public’s demand for air cleaners and understanding, air purifier sales are also go high. Hepa Air purifier sales increased rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 25%.

China Air purifier in western country developed fast, for example: the popularity of American households rate was 27%, annual sales of more than 2000 million units, other countries, such as Canada, Italy, Japan and other countries in public places, family room, the popularity rate of more than 20%.


Our air piririfer with 6 or 7 Stage Purifying:

1.Coldcatalyst filter

2.Activated Carbon filter

3.Antibacterial and antiviral nonwoven fabric

4.High efficient HEPA 0.01micron


6.UV Sterilization

7.Air purifier with humidifier

Advantage: High efficient Motor– Quiet , low electricity consumption and 30,000 hours life time.

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