How to choose a good air purifier?

How to choose a good air purifier?

OLANSI Health Industry Co., Ltd. (OLANSI for short) was founded in 2009 and is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of healthy home appliances. Committed to using technology to create a healthy, beautiful and high-quality life for consumers. Won the title of Guangdong High-tech Enterprise, 2017 China Environmental Electrical Appliances (Air Clean) Top 10 Professional Brands and many other awards.


The particulate matter in the haze can directly harm the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. The excessive carbon dioxide content caused by closing the window and the continuous release of indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants can cause harm to the family. In order to protect the respiratory health of yourself and your family, what efforts have you made to ensure the air quality at home? OLANSI air purifier purifies the air of the whole house and ventilates the room at the same time, and promises that the daily average value of indoor PM2.5 and carbon dioxide meets the standards of the World Health Organization.


How to buy a good air purifier for you and your family? OLANSI answers for you:

One is the noise and applicable area. The size of the applicable area affects the efficiency of air purification. In theory, the larger the applicable area, the better; the size of the noise affects daily rest, especially sleep. Therefore, the lower the noise, the better. The purifier in the office can only meet the use of 20 square meters. For the service department with open doors and people coming in and out all day, I can only ask for comfort! Moreover, there can only be no fresh air in the internal air circulation. For children, the elderly may not be able to breathe healthily without opening the window at home.


The second is passive purification/active purification. There are five internationally accepted principles of air purification, physical, electrostatic, chemical, negative ion and compound. Generally speaking, air purifiers that use multiple purification methods at the same time will have a better purification effect. For example, large particulate matter such as dust, peculiar smell, pollen, etc. can be filtered through physical purification methods; while allergens, viruses, formaldehyde and other harmful substances need to be purified by chemical purification methods.


The third is to have authoritative organization certification and worry-free after-sales service.


The above problems can be solved very well by OLANSI air purifiers. Next, we recommend several products for you:



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