Big Test About Car Air Purifier !

Big Test About Car Air Purifier !

Car air purification test

Morning at about 10, we made a day of outdoor PM2.5 readings in the car side, as shown here: the results here can see the haze meter readings for PM2.5 concentration of 329 ug/m3, PM10 737 ug/m3.


Then, we entered the car. In this car an annual output of 2011 vehicles for the Qashqai, measurement of air quality, the car front Haze Meter Reading PM2.5 is 232 ug/m3, PM10 is 535 ug/m3. the car air filter used for only 2 months, due to the use of a relatively short time, the basic will not affect the test results.


Open the car circulation mode. Because of internal circulation mode will have new particles to enter the car, at the same time, the air conditioning filter continues to purify the air inside the car, therefore, there will be a test of the effect is more obvious. We will be transferred to the 2 air conditioning heating wind, and the hand machine stopwatch timer reset then the actual measure, only the use of ordinary air filter, the air quality change process within 5 minutes in the car.


After the opening, we can see the air-conditioning outlet for reading PM2.5 44 ug/m3, PM10 80 ug/m3, after 1 minutes and 14 seconds later, the car in front of the same location PM2.5 reads 70 ug/m3, PM10 132 ug/m3, the air filter effect is quite significant.



After 5 minutes, we stop the stopwatch, and haze table detection front row of air quality, you can see the value for the PM2.5 is 58 g/m3, PM10 is 104 g/m3, the overall quality of the air inside the vehicle to achieve a good state. Continue to run a few minutes later, the car air quality index is still hovering around good.


Thus, we can draw the following conclusions:

The inner loop, because the air conditioning air, car air circulation, the filter effect is very obvious in the initial stage, the air inside the car will be able to quickly drop to a good standard, at the same time, the purification effect of PM10 particles significantly. But with the passage of time, the PM2.5 value decreased gradually slow, the last car air quality wandering about in good. Obviously, content of fine particles in the car to control better, have better air quality in the car, on the air filter is not enough.

Car Air purfier test

We will actually test the effect of Car air purifier

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Open the window, the air inside the car back to the test before the index. A few minutes later, in front of the haze meter readings are PM2.5 273 g/m3, PM10 618 g/m3, the numerical test is slightly higher than before.


At this time, the stopwatch time cleared, open car air purifier, we examine its actual effect.

We see that in the opening of the car air purifier air quality indicator has been yellow. Rapid purification mode, the air outlet reading is PM2.5 concentration of 14 ug/m3, PM10 is 55 ug/m3, showing its good purification effect.



The air purifier open for 1 minutes and 53 seconds later, has improved air quality in the car with a measuring position, PM2.5 decreased to 63 ug/m3, PM10 decreased to 132 ug/m3, compared to before the air filter cleaning efficiency is slow.


After 5 minutes, the air quality inside the vehicle is excellent, the air purifier air quality indicator will become healthy green. Then, we can see the same measuring position PM2.5 concentration readings of 17 ug/m3, PM10 44 ug/m3. to open after a period of time, the concentration of PM2.5 is decreased slowly, until it becomes a digit.




car air purifier in the just opened, because the air flow and the position because of the purification efficiency will be slightly slower than the air filter. But after a period of use, the purification effect was significantly improved, and can complete car air quality is excellent, PM2.5 concentration dropped to single digit. Visible. Comparison of car air filter, car air purifier to purify the air inside the car is very advantageous, especially when the vehicle used in the long time. At the same time, many car air purifier and additional function, can achieve the effect of the use of a machine.

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