There are some tips of buy air purifier for you

There are some tips of buy air purifier for you

Consumers should be how to choose the air purifier products and brands, we organize the purchase of air purifiers tips for your reference

Choose a skill: choose a regular air purifier products

Air purifier as a small household electrical appliances, the purchase of a large number of channels:

1, the purification principle of the air purifier to buy, is the filter adsorption, anion, or both, different purification principle, will be very different

2, see CADR Clean Air Delivery value.CADR is the abbreviation of Rate, which means “clean air output ratio, the unit is m /h CADR fand purification ability, on behalf of the air purifier in unit time.

3, the use of the product noise, air volume, power consumption and so on

Buy skills two: consider the use of air purifiers area

Only to see the price in the purchase of the time, always ran to the most expensive. But in fact it is a waste, if the room is not so, no need the high value of the products using CADR. Olans launched a new high-end K08 as an example, the CADR value is 320m fand /h, for an area of 30-50 square m room. If the room area is less than 50 square meters, then there is no need to use air purifier.CADR such a good value for the 150m /h fand K01/K02/K03 may be a good choice.


Buy skills three: to clarify the filter function and other purification filter function

The air purifier is currently on the market, only through the first filter layer to remove dust, hair and pet dander, and other more harmful pollution only by activated carbon, such as Coldcatalyst filter layer to remove the mixture. Therefore, in the selection of air purifiers, clear filter machines are equipped with what function. The key is to buy.


Tips for when you using .

Filter to be replaced on time

The air purifier filter capacity is limited, the air pollution is serious in case of filter in use for more than 4 months after that or light, you should clean or replace. If not regular cleaning filters, bacteria will multiply in the accumulation of excessive dust, when the air purifier has become the a source of pollution.

Always don’t open the stop

The air purifier to continuous use can play a role, try to avoid open the stop. In addition, even if the use of the air purifier is appropriate ventilation window, you can select the PM2.5 value lower at noon time window, to avoid the indoor high concentrations of carbon dioxide.

When people stay away from sterilization

Now part of the air purifier with sterilizing function, in this operation, the user is best to stay away from the air purifier, because once you start sterilization procedures, the machine may produce ozone. The body’s absorption of excess ozone, will likely affect health. This kind of risk tips in general instructions are marked, so the air purifier to buy home, be sure to read the instructions.

Experts suggest that the placement of the purifier should try to avoid obstacles, to avoid blocking access to air. The air purifier can be placed on a small table or a small cabinet, purify the effect will be better. Finally, the air inlet and outlet of the air purifier is relatively large, the use of time to prevent children reach out and touch, so as not to shock or scratch.


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