The use of hydrogen rich water in life.

The use of hydrogen rich water in life.

We can imagine, in life there are many little magical, such as the use of hydrogen rich water homemade mask, wash and so on.

1, the same as the make-up water directly onto face, especially fine lines, wrinkles, skin sores and other issues; to apply the face mask of paper soaked after 10 minutes; also can be poured into the bath bath skin rejuvenation.

2, will be mixed with water and hair conditioner, shampoo, smear, if you can steam for 10 minutes, better hair care

3, the water in water can be directly used to wash the eyes. Use the computer for a long time, wear contact lenses can cause eye dryness and fatigue, alleviate the effect of water in the water, the prevention of cataract.

4, the general burns burns can be coated with water, wound healing will be swelling itching, play a relaxation effect


5, steamed rice water, taste better, more healthy

6, brewing tea or coffee, can better distribute the fragrance, but also play a role in health care

7, the water in water soaked fruit, taste is more sweet.

8, and when the water surface water, bread, steamed bread, cakes are appropriate

9, when the water in the water soup, can boil delicious soup, can strengthen the efficacy of health care.

In addition to the above usage, in recent years, more and more Japanese pet hospitals began to use the water to treat and match the pet’s diet, the smaller the size of the animal, the effect of water faster and more obvious

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