Is the air purifier good? You will understand after reading this article

The air pollution problem we are facing is very serious. In order to improve the air quality, air purifiers have become the choice of many consumers. Many people do not know how to choose air purifiers of various brands. Among the many complex air purification products, one is particularly special. It pursues a precise user experience and achieves effective purification of high-risk ultrafine particles. However, many consumers will also have such questions about Olansi air purifiers. ?

Is the Olansi air purifier good? Olansi’s air purification fan uses the latest “Air Amplifier” patented technology, the air supply distance is longer and the wind force is softer. It can make the air in the whole room circulate quickly, and it will not feel uncomfortable when being blown by the wind at close range. The wind blows like a spring breeze caressing our cheeks. Olansi’s air purification fan has a 360° sealed filter system inside the body, which contains two upgraded filters. Among them, the activated carbon filter added with Tris activated carbon crystals can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Is the Olansi air purifier good? Olansi air purification fans not only use brand-new technology, so that the equipment can spray the purified air over a distance of more than 7 meters, but also can purify harmful gases and 99.95% of particulate matter as small as PM0.1. It also has a silent mode that uses a small high-efficiency DC motor, and then is equipped with a vocal-optimized motor cover, which can effectively reduce noise.

Is the Olansi air purifier good? Olansi air purification fans have two airflow modes. The jet mode can bring a comfortable cool breeze to the room by injecting clean airflow; when cool air is not needed, it can switch to the diffusion mode to release a soft and clean airflow in the ring. From the perspective of purification ability and practicality, who can reject such an air purification fan?
Regarding the question of whether the air purifier is good, it depends on which brand of air purifier consumers choose. Olansi air purification fans have always pursued user experience. While purifying the air, they can also meet the needs of household economic cooling. Olansi Air The purifying fan combines purification and cooling into one, which is more practical than ordinary air purifiers, and is more favored by consumers.

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