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Air purification enables you had more peace of mind.

As the name suggests, an air purifier is mainly used to purify the air, so purify PM2.5 addition, the fact there are many that do.First, in order to purify the air of particulate matter exceeded the mainstream air purifier currently spontaneously adopt a HEPA filter as the main physical filtration technology, adding activated carbon filter for adsorption of volatile organic compounds. Then, to make these harmful substances is more rapid purification, air flow pressure drop of the professional fan is [...]

Something about the car air purifier

                                                            Car air purifier Features A) clean and efficient manner HESA and HEPA technology, while efficient purification of fine particles pollution, chemical fumes, bacteria, etc., completely get rid of interior pollutants, provide the purest breathing experience for the occupants. Newman car air purifie.                   [...]

Two core standard air purifier

With the arrival of the peak summer decoration, air purifiers will usher hot. Air purifier new national standard in this year March 1 implementation of clear four indicators of the impact of its purifying effect: the clean air volume, total purification capacity, energy efficiency rating and noise standards, and provides the core parameters, working principle should be clearly marked. To remind the industry, the new national standard for regulating the market not only plays an important role, is an [...]

How to use the air purifier?

Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, air cleaners, air cleaners and other means to filter out or kill airborne pollutants, effectively improve air cleanliness products. The proper use of air purifiers can not only guarantee the life of the air cleaner, and can guarantee the best purifier purifying effect. In use should note the following aspects: To start the first air purifier clean air according to the environmental pollution. PM2.5 pollution, such as the purification of air purifiers, preferably [...]