How to protect children’s respiratory health with the air purifier HEPA filter air cleaner?

How to protect children’s respiratory health with the air purifier HEPA filter air cleaner?

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In winter, haze is high, and the fine particles of pollutants in the air invade the human body and cause some respiratory diseases. For children with weaker physique and lower immunity, parents should pay more attention to protecting their respiratory health. What harm does haze cause to children’s health? Next, let OLANSI answer it for you.


  1. Children are more susceptible to haze damage, which has become a consensus in the medical community. Children’s lung organs are in the developmental stage, and their resistance to various bacteria and viruses is weak. The fine particles suspended in the air can easily invade the children’s body and endanger their health.



  1. Influencing lung development: Children like sports activities, and their breathing rate is higher than that of adults, which will cause more air pollutants to deposit in the respiratory tract and seriously endanger children’s lung development.


  1. Cause blood poisoning: The haze pollutants deposited in the alveoliare dissolved and enter the child’s blood, which will weaken the ability of hemoglobin in the red blood cells to transport oxygen, causing blood poisoning in the child.



  1. Induced pneumonia in children: Children’s immunity is relatively low. In the haze weather, the respiratory tract mucosa is prone to microbial infections. Pediatric pneumonia is the number one killer of children under 5 in the world. Parents should pay special attention to the haze season.


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