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hydrogen water maker OEM

The benefits and potential of hydrogen rich water OEM 1, domestic hydrogen production has just started, the hydrogen water maker as a  hot sells products in makert  , easy penetration; 2, there are man brands of  hydrogen water maker, but dont have any strong brand, thehydrogen water maker OEM can at least occupy the local market, the market has become the champion; 3, hydrogen water maker OEM is especially suitable for gift company, is also suitable for playing customized enterprise; 4, the original health care brand, OEM [...]

The working principle of hydrogen water maker

Simple is good, it seems very reasonable, the working principle of the water in the cup in Japan is so simple, an electrolytic hydrogen water working principle, hydrogen  water and let people enjoy the inexhaustible. Electrolytic hydrogen  water equation: working principle The total water electrolysis reaction: 2H2O = electrolysis2=H2 = +O2 Electrode reaction: anode:4OH- -4e- = O2↑ +2H2O cathode:4H+ +4e- =2H2↑ The number of weak OH anode attract anions, OH lose electrons. While the cathode absorption in positron H+ is H+, attracted to the negatively [...]

Why Hydrogen water generator so popular?

Hydrogen  water  generator is popular in many countries and regions, people almost every day to drink hydrogen  water, why hydrogen water  generator so popular? 01.Has been applied in the field of Medicine: Can prevent, inhibit cancer cell replication and thereby prevent cancer progression, even can expect improvements in cancer disease. Hydrogen and radical combination reaction to generate water excreted. For patients with cancer or other related diseases, hydrogen  water is undoubtedly the future direction of research. 02 to some extent, the prevention [...]

Hydrogen water plays a great role in life.

Hydrogen water  plays a great role in life, you know? The following six suggestions, I hope to help you 1.  a water spray Hydrogen  water can be used at attaining. Small molecular hydrogen water can easily penetrate into deep skin to skin moisturizing effect. For a long time in air-conditioned environment, it is recommended to buy a small volume sprayer, so that the hydrogen water into the drink the rest of the spray bottle, used as a water spray. 2. Brewing infant formula milk [...]