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What Should You Look for in an Air Purifier?

One of the first things to consider when you look for the right oem air purifier is its area coverage, or the size of room it can clean effectively. You want to make sure the purifier can clean the room it’s in, or there’s no point buying one. However, you don’t have to worry about buying an home air purifier that is too powerful for a given room. A high-powered hepa air purifier is preferable if you suffer from [...]

China Air Purifiers: What We Evaluated, What We Found

During our evaluation of each oem air purifier, we tested the noise levels, airflow and energy consumption to develop a deeper understanding of each model and help you find the right one for your needs. While you search for your air cleaner, make sure you consider which room you want it to be located. If you want to use the machine in the kitchen or living room during the day, you don’t really need to worry about how loud it [...]

How do I use my air purifier for the best results?

This is a really, really key question that not enough people ask. First, remember how air purifiers work. The purifier’s fan circulates air around a room, pulling the air and airborne allergens towards the unit. The fan ultimately pulls the air directly through the unit where the filter captures the allergens. The resulting stream of pure air is returned into the room. 1. Coverage Area Impacts What Speed You Must Run It On Air purifiers are built to clean the air in a [...]

Global Air Purification report analyzes

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Air Purification Equipment in US$ Million by the following Technology Segments: Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment, and Induct Air Purification Equipment. The US and Canadian markets are further analyzed by the Technology Segments and Contaminant Removal Features: Product by Technology – Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment (Media Combinations, Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), Plasma, & Others), and Induct Air Purification Equipment (Media Combinations, Ultra Violet, Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO), & Others)); and Product [...]

To help provide relief HEPA Air Purifiers are being utilized to clear the air

In recent months, extreme dry spells have been creating a drastic rise in wildfires, across the United States. As a result, the levels of wildfire smoke are higher than ever and continually rising. The smoke is most prominent in the West Coast, but has spread across many parts of the Midwest and South.  To help provide relief HEPA Air Purifiers are being utilized to clear the air. According to NPR, health departments in numerous states are taking extra precautions to [...]

Do you know how to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your home is a safe haven and protection against the outside world. But, you may be living among invisible threats – namely airborne microbes, which can cause infection and ill-health. To ensure you live in a clean and comfortable environment, here are a few ways to improve indoor air quality. 1. Use Natural Air Fresheners Chemical air fresheners may smell nice, but they can also contain harmful toxicants, which will compromise indoor air quality. The safest bet is to go natural, [...]

OEM Air Purifier:China Starting To Meet Air Quality Standards

Anyone who’s been keeping up on air quality concerns in China will be interested to know that 75% of big Chinese cities still fail to meet air quality standards, although slowly but surely they are making progress to meet air quality standards. Yet, according to Reuters and the Chinese environment ministry, that number is actually positive, signifying a relatively substantial increase in year over year air quality – which showed 90% of big Chinese cities didn’t meet air quality standards last [...]

OEM Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Trends

Since the US Embassy in Beijing began reporting the air quality readings in Jan 2012 the awareness of the severity of the air environment issues in China has risen dramatically. With the prevalent use of mobile phones and apps in China air purifier trends are becoming easier to see. Let’s look a little deeper at what’s happening. The air environment in China is very different than that in the United States or Europe. China has small PM2.5 particulates as well [...]

What is air purifier?

OEM Air Purifier is a kind of home appliance which can absorb odor, remove smell, decompose formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke, Hepa Air purifer also can transform all kinds of air pollutants  adsorption, (generally include such as dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde decoration pollution, bacteria, allergies, etc.). 1.China air purifier. If it is located in the area of moderate humidity, or the quality of the air is not too high, buy a oemair purifier is good. 2.Humidifier air purifier. Indoor air is very dryif usually open [...]

China Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Market Overview 2016

The air purifier market in China is estimated to be about USD 0.965 Billion in 2014. China is the abode to rising industrialization and increasing population which thereby affects the pollution in the country. Increasing number of heart attacks and other air borne disease was kind of a warning to the people of China about the depleting quality of air surrounding them. Rising health concerns, changing consumer lifestyle and increasing disposable income are boosting the adoption of air purifiers [...]