Noticias purificador de aire

Errores más comunes en el uso de purificadores de aire para el hogar y la oficina

There are those who even have an air purifier in their homes, do not know the best tips for their use. Many of the users of the air purifiers are not completely sure of the advice they should follow to perform their maintenance, or even to make them a normal use, which does not compromise their operation. For this reason, many of the manufacturers have taken a moment to explain the answers to many of the most common questions that many [...]

Las mejores características de los purificadores de aire Olansi

You have done everything possible to improve the quality of air around your home. These could be removing of pet dander, discarding candles, using air fresheners and regular vacuuming. However, the problem still persists which can be very frustrating given the amount of efforts you have put in. This is where you will need to make use of an olansi air purifier. There is no doubting the fact that air purifiers have proven to be the most effective solution when it [...]

Dueños de mascotas: los beneficios de usar un purificador de aire

Having a pet today has become a dream for young and old. A faithful companion who receives us with love, with whom we can play and; that in those moments of sadness it comforts us, it is definitely one of the pleasures of life that we can call happiness. However, many people manifest allergies to them and, the most popular solution today; is to give them up for adoption. Something very sad to do that can be easily avoided [...]

Is air purifier good or bad, what’s the best way to implement Air Purifiers and be safe?

A lot of speculations and assumptions have been making the rounds that air purifiers are no good. The information even went as far as saying it can cause you more health damage than it will be doing any good with respect to purifying your indoor air. Others have come out to say that it can increase your coughing and sneezing symptoms. All this information has actually discouraged so many people from wanting to have anything to do with these [...]

Your Portable Home And Car Air Purifier Buying Guide

Are you still driving your car without any air purifying system inside in this 21st century? If you are still doing that, then you are not helping yourself because we certainly live in a polluted world. You need to start thinking in the direction of portable air purifiers if you want to stay healthy as you drive around in your car. Olansi K01B Air Purifier Therefore, if you were already thinking of how to get one, but you didn’t know what you [...]

The Effectiveness of Antibacterial Air Purifier For Indoor Air Pollution

Researchers have been working their hearts out for decades on how we can be inhaling clean air, devoid of any form of pollution. From air-purifying plants to advanced air purifying devices, the search has never stopped. These experts have created awareness, and residents around the globe are now showing keen interest in how they can get themselves high-quality air purifiers. If you are hoping to buy any of the best air purifiers, then this air purifier postis just what you [...]

El mejor esterilizador de aire interior: filtro de virus de eliminación del filtro HEPA H13 de función

Most people living in an area or city where air pollution is a problem, the outdoor air pollution would easily become indoor air pollution. This is because air conditioner filters are not able to stop the chemicals that are in the air, nor many of the more dangerous sub-micron size particles as the pore sizes are too large, and every time the HVAC system turns on, it’s bringing in that ‘fresh’ air. That means that whatever is outside, smog, [...]

Cinco errores en la compra del purificador de aire ¿Quién es el "artefacto" de la prevención de epidemias en interiores?

El brote de la nueva neumonía por coronavirus ha provocado una atención sin precedentes a los dispositivos de salud. Tres factores principales, como la máscara, el lavado de manos y la ventilación, se han convertido en la principal forma de aislar virus y luchar contra enfermedades hasta ahora desconocidas. En esta situación, la capacidad de esterilización y eliminación de virus de los aparatos de purificación de aire se ha convertido en el foco de atención. La calidad del aire saludable y confortable incluye cinco indicadores físicos, químicos y biológicos, que incluyen temperatura, humedad, concentración de partículas sólidas, concentración de contaminantes químicos y [...]

Revisión del catalizador en frío y ventajas en la función Olansi Purificador de aire

Guangzhou Olansi is a Chinese based company with an aim to make the world a healthy planet. And for this very reason it has introduced its range of air purifiers for both domestic and commercial purposes. These purifiers have multiple stages of purification systems that don’t allow dust particles to harm you and your family. Among the multiple stage purification system, there is a cold catalyst filter, which play an important role in this system. What is cold catalyst? Cold catalyst is also known [...]

Purificadores de aire: ¿qué son y para qué sirven?

Cough at night, itchy throat, blocked nose, stinging eyes, nausea, dizziness. They are some of the ailments that, together with other allergic symptoms, are increasingly common in homes. You may have at home a member who is suffering from this type of disorder. You may be yourself, your partner, and more likely, one of your children. You know something is wrong, but you are not sure where the problem is. olansi K08A air purifier When the enemy is at home That the pollution of [...]