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Sådan fjerner du lugte af alle slags med ozonluftrenser

People who have pets and want to eliminate unpleasant odors can purchase air purifiers for this. We are also presented with smells from other sources, and we want to get rid of them. Well for this, there is nothing like an air purifier Olansi K07 Air Purifier Eliminate pet odors with an air purifier. Pets are part of the daily life of a large part of the population, becoming one more member of the family, but sometimes sharing space can cause problems [...]

Ionisator, luftrenser og ozonator: deres forskelle

It is difficult for ordinary citizens to keep up to date with all the technological advances in terms of devices to improve air quality. When the acquisition of an apparatus of this type arises, it begins to verify that there are several options, without, in most cases, having a clear idea of ​​what each one does or what differences exist between them. Air purifier? Ionizer? Ozonator? How to know which is the most appropriate in each case? Olansi K05A Car [...]

Mest almindelige fejl i brugen af ​​luftrensere til hjemmet og kontoret

Der er dem, der endda har en luftrenser i deres hjem, ikke kender de bedste tip til deres brug. Mange af brugerne af luftrensere er ikke helt sikre på de råd, de skal følge for at udføre deres vedligeholdelse eller endda for at gøre dem til en normal brug, hvilket ikke går på kompromis med deres funktion. Af denne grund har mange af producenterne taget et øjeblik på at forklare svarene på mange af de mest almindelige spørgsmål, som mange [...]

Bedste funktioner i Olansi luftrensere

You have done everything possible to improve the quality of air around your home. These could be removing of pet dander, discarding candles, using air fresheners and regular vacuuming. However, the problem still persists which can be very frustrating given the amount of efforts you have put in. This is where you will need to make use of an olansi air purifier. There is no doubting the fact that air purifiers have proven to be the most effective solution when it [...]

Top 5 luftrensere Fakta, du skal vide

There has been lots of arguments about air purifiers and how they work amongst people in recent times. This can only be traced to the fact that they don’t understand such devices completely. As a matter of fact, there are people who believe air purifiers don’t work as most experts are claiming. There are individuals who also believe that it is only another way of incurring unnecessary cost in their monthly electricity bills. olansi K03C3 air purifier supplier The truth is [...]

Kæledyrsejere: Fordelene ved at bruge en luftrenser

Having a pet today has become a dream for young and old. A faithful companion who receives us with love, with whom we can play and; that in those moments of sadness it comforts us, it is definitely one of the pleasures of life that we can call happiness. However, many people manifest allergies to them and, the most popular solution today; is to give them up for adoption. Something very sad to do that can be easily avoided [...]

De skadelige virkninger af luftforurenende stoffer på kontoret, og hvordan luftrensere kan reducere eksisterende farer

Indoor environments have been known to contain a higher number of air particles due to the nature of conventional air current patterns. An EPA report indicates that a more significant percentage of American residents spend as large as 90% of all their time indoors. These periods are spent either in the home or in the office. This article will be focusing on the air quality around offices and how it can be made better. The bulk of the air pollutants [...]

HEPA-filtertyper Luftrenser er anset for at være egnede som et pålideligt middel til at sænke allergiudløsere

Wheneverthe subject of air pollution is raised, what comes to mind for most people is just fumes from car exhaust and smoke from factories. Although those are equally constituents of air pollution, the subject goes beyond that. A lot of poisonous substances are flying around in our homes without us knowing. These substances will constitute a greater nuisance if you do not do anything about them. Pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and dust mites can give rise to severe [...]

Is air purifier good or bad, what’s the best way to implement Air Purifiers and be safe?

A lot of speculations and assumptions have been making the rounds that air purifiers are no good. The information even went as far as saying it can cause you more health damage than it will be doing any good with respect to purifying your indoor air. Others have come out to say that it can increase your coughing and sneezing symptoms. All this information has actually discouraged so many people from wanting to have anything to do with these [...]

Does Anti Bacterial Air Purifiers Help Against The Novel Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has made the most of every news headlines around the world. As the worrisome trend in the spread of the deadly virus continues, some companies have come out to claim that their purifiers can protect you from catching the disease. The validity behind such statements is what we don’t know for now. All the same, there has been a sudden increase in the patronage of sanitizing air purifiers at the moment. These acts have led many to ask – [...]