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Is the air purifier suitable for the prevention of the current corona-virus epidemic?

Recently, the coronavirus epidemic has developed rapidly, and the country has also called on most people to isolate themselves at home to prevent disease.   Air purifier is one of the necessities that many families have already purchased. It has the function of purifying air and reducing pollution.   At present, most purifiers on the market are filter-type purifiers. The main principle is to use a fan to draw air into the machine and filter the air through the built-in filter. As long [...]

Benefit for home air purifier and why should use it

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of car air purifier, home HEPA air purifier and office air purifier and other healthcare products. It locates in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. According to a set of data from the World Health Organization, nearly half of the world’s people are exposed to indoor air pollution, resulting in 22% of chronic lung disease and 15% of bronchitis and bronchitis. Each year, 24 million deaths worldwide are closely related to indoor PM2.5. As a result, 110,000 people in [...]

Some misunderstanding in using air purifier

In order to protect the breathing health of themselves and their families, more and more people now use air purifiers, but air purifier products are an electrical appliance that is slightly new to ordinary consumers. In daily use, pay attention to the following seven misunderstandings Below, Hanston purifier experts will explain the misunderstanding of the use of air purifiers. Misunderstanding 1: Filters are not changed regularly. Just like the mask needs to be replaced when it is dirty, the filter [...]