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OEM Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Trends

Since the US Embassy in Beijing began reporting the air quality readings in Jan 2012 the awareness of the severity of the air environment issues in China has risen dramatically. With the prevalent use of mobile phones and apps in China air purifier trends are becoming easier to see. Let’s look a little deeper at what’s happening. The air environment in China is very different than that in the United States or Europe. China has small PM2.5 particulates as well [...]

What is air purifier?

OEM Air Purifier is a kind of home appliance which can absorb odor, remove smell, decompose formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke, Hepa Air purifer also can transform all kinds of air pollutants  adsorption, (generally include such as dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde decoration pollution, bacteria, allergies, etc.). 1.China air purifier. If it is located in the area of moderate humidity, or the quality of the air is not too high, buy a oemair purifier is good. 2.Humidifier air purifier. Indoor air is very dryif usually open [...]

China Air Purifier:China Air Purifier Market Overview 2016

The air purifier market in China is estimated to be about USD 0.965 Billion in 2014. China is the abode to rising industrialization and increasing population which thereby affects the pollution in the country. Increasing number of heart attacks and other air borne disease was kind of a warning to the people of China about the depleting quality of air surrounding them. Rising health concerns, changing consumer lifestyle and increasing disposable income are boosting the adoption of air purifiers [...]