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To purify the air conditioning temporarily not replace purifier

With the improvement of people harmful substances of concern PM2.5, formaldehyde, and gradually into the home air purifier, air conditioning manufacturers have begun production of air conditioners with cleaning function. In one view, air purification air conditioner will replace purifier, but experts believe that the current time is not ripe. Recently, the Beijing fog and haze so many headaches, but also smell new home decoration brought troubled consumers, decontamination has become a priority. Reporters learned from the appliance store, many [...]

New International Standard

Haze raging, China has become the hearts of the most difficult to forbear harm. When people “talk about the mere mention of haze”, the air purifier has become a guardian of health, haze nemesis, to help people to reduce formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other violations of the body, especially the protection of the elderly, infants, patients and other groups. It is also because the market is huge, profitable, industry rules yet, a large number of low-quality cottage products flooding the market, [...]

Tips for Air Purifier

Air purifier now popular, massive publicity and dazzling products people do not know how to choose. However, air purifiers although powerful, but failed TV refrigerator into the ordinary people of the same family. Many consumers only see exaggerated advertising, but the concept of an air purifier but still very vague. First understand air purifiers have to start from a number of technical terms, what it is PM2.5? That is fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 fine particles, fine particles. [...]

Air purifier market situation and future development analysis

Recently, the United States, “New York Times” and the authoritative medical journal “Stroke Magazine” published an article saying air pollution have accelerated brain aging. “New York Times” using the Keck School of Medicine research the University of Southern California, “Apoplexy” is used Harvard Medical School study found. The basic point of two scientific articles of agreement that air pollution will damage the brain and increase the stroke, the risk of brain atrophy. Per cubic centimeter of accumulated pollutants for each [...]

Which strong domestic and foreign air purification

With around air pollution, haze intensifies, air purifiers become a hot spot, and space vehicles as daily contact with people, car air purification has become the focus of attention. In response to this consumer demand, many domestic auto companies are car air purification product as a prominent selling point. Some experts said that the current domestic air purification products in the field of more than 95% of all activated carbon adsorption technology, and product quality varies greatly. “If strict accordance [...]

The new standard uniform relative detection method

It is understood that the empty net product standards of environmental protection is China’s first empty net environmental labeling product standards, which built on the basis of criteria “air purifier” new country, the attention from product design, manufacturing process control, using the stage to the final waste recycling and product life cycle, involving product design requirements easier to recycle, choose electrical and electronic products pollution control requirements of raw materials, production process control of environmental behavior, pm2.5, formaldehyde, benzene [...]

Air purifier structure

      Air purifier shape composed mainly chassis shell, filtration segment, duct design, motors, power supplies, LCD displays. Decided life is the motor, determine the purification efficiency of the filter segment can decide whether a quiet duct design, chassis shell, filtration segment motor. Air purifier is mainly composed of motors, fans, air filters, intelligent monitoring system components, some models of machine equipped with a water tank humidifying function, or secondary purification device, such as a negative ion generator, high [...]

How to use the air purifier?

Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, air cleaners, air cleaners and other means to filter out or kill airborne pollutants, effectively improve air cleanliness products. The proper use of air purifiers can not only guarantee the life of the air cleaner, and can guarantee the best purifier purifying effect. In use should note the following aspects: To start the first air purifier clean air according to the environmental pollution. PM2.5 pollution, such as the purification of air purifiers, preferably [...]

Poor air quality in the home: The PM2.5 standard and indoor air pollution.

We’re worried about the purity of our outdoor air, but what about our indoor air quality? Particulate matter (PM) in the air poses a threat to our health and wellbeing. But we’re naïve if we believe that it’s only the air we breathe outside that is a threat. We spend, on average, 90% of our time indoors. Outdoor air pollution in the form of particulate matter doesn’t stop at our doors or windows. In fact, additional sources of particulate matter are [...]

Air Purifier help sleep better

Wholesale Air Purifier Purifiers do a body good, especially when people suffer from allergy symptoms and nasal congestion. If you don’t have these symptoms, however, an air purifier really won’t positively impact your sleep. Shane explains, “It does help if someone has congestion. If they don’t have congestion it really doesn’t make a difference.”  Anderson adds, “These can improve allergy symptoms and reduce nasal congestion in some people thus making sleep more comfortable.” Hepa Air Puriifer helps patients relax and fall asleep [...]