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How to choose a suitable air purifier?

1: filter purification method is more suitable for The main filter and electrostatic. The main difference is that the former is the need to replace HEPA (HEPA filter), the latter does not require frequent cleaning, but the static dust collecting part. The filter type air purifier is currently on the market the most common products, it was magic weapon is safe and efficient. It is decided by its working principle. The filtering type air purifier using filter type. Because of [...]

Teach you how to choose more efficient use of air purifiers

With the continuous impact of haze weather and people's health consciousness increases ceaselessly, the popularity of air purifier rate rising, more and more families choose air purifiers to protect their breath. There are a lot of people say air purifier effect is very good, some people say the reaction effect is very general, what is the reason? In addition to not choose cheap shoddy products, Regular cleaning filter: every half a month or a month of regular purifier of air outlet, [...]

More important to master the purchasing skills in air purifier

Under the haze, the air purifier industry is the biggest beneficiary, but many residents are the biggest victims of the air purifier sales rising year by year, the air purifier brands on the market, but the words heat air purifier the surge, what "top ten air purifier, air purifier, air purifier which is best"  "a good brand"... . First, just live in the new house should choose what kind of air purifier? Live in new users is one of the major [...]

Chinese style rigorous: Olans air purifier three standards

Aiming at the problem of air pollution more and more serious, Chinese Guangzhou Olans Co. Ltd. was founded on the special room, after years of development and adjustment, the launch of the K08A air purifier. Some people may ask, the air purifier market a wide range, the United States, Sweden, Japan and other countries have developed a good product, K08A air purifier and what is special about it?   In fact, the designer has been rigorous Olans-K08A air purifier developed three [...]

Air purification should pay attention to what ?

As everyone knows, most city of our country has entered the era of air pollution, especially industrial city, serious air pollution has been a threat to the health of people, and even the emergence of a lot of cancer villages, let not the lives of the local people health. For this case, air purification has become the most important topic for our country, how to purify air, air quality recovery, how to let the air out of danger has [...]

Have you ever heard th seceond time pollution ?

In order to let the family to live in a healthy environment, many people put the air purifier at home, it is also an essential artifact as against the haze.  However, the air purifier may cause the seceond time pollution if not make the best of use  How many kind of air purifier ? At present,there are two types of pirifier in the market. Pure physical purification filter net type air purifier and  the ion type air purifier,a lot of people use HEPA filter net [...]

Select the most suitable air purifier for you

In order to reduce the influence of outdoor air on indoor air quality, air purifier has become China home appliance "new members". In view of the market there are many types of air purifier products, some brands for different pollutants have different types of products, consumers should first clear the situation you want to purify polluted environment. According to the sources of pollution to choose different products. Indoor air pollution, particulate matter generally, microbial. The newly renovated rooms and in [...]

Do you really know the filter of the air purifier ?

With growing air pollution problem, people demand for air purifier is becoming more and more obvious .But in the market there are many kind of different air purifiers ,different prices, different functions, Now!!let me tell  you somethings about common technique of air purification,   Activated carbon adsorption technology On the market at present, most of the air purifier will use activated carbon filter, activated carbon influenced by its structure, internal porous for intensive, have certain adsorption effect.Activated carbon can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, odor pollutants, [...]

Buy HEPA air purifier often see what on earth is

"HEPA", the people often browse the web for the word will not be particularly strange, air purifier, the word is often mentioned, and vacuum cleaners, in addition to mites instrument such as household appliances, has used the HEPA filter technology, called "sea," it is transliterated, however...Is it what for?It with afraid of be relatives?With fear, it is a little relationship, its purpose is to let you no longer afraid of bad air! What is it? HEPA filter is capable of handling [...]

To buy or not to buy?—-Air purifier

A greater focus on health and well-being is driving sales of products like home air purifiers, with many people thinking these devices will make indoor air cleaner. Sales of these products are forecast to see a compounded annual growth rate of around 10% in 2015-2020, according to a 2015 report published by TechSci Research. But health experts say the machines are mostly unnecessary unless a person has a lung condition like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They advise homeowners [...]