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What are the common problems with air purifiers?Olansi teach how to solve the air purifier problems

Nowadays many family have brought the air purifier,and some times,the air purifier may have some problems. What are the common problems with air purifiers? How can I solve some problems in the use of wholesale air purifier products? Maybe you will think that you can not buy directly after the sale? Air Purifier That if the door after the sale is not timely, the machine caused more serious damage how to do? After-sales phone, ask you what kind of failure, how do you answer? [...]

UV air purifier for home and office RFQ from Canada Customer Leonard

UV air purifier for home and office RFQ from Canada Customer Leonard On 9-September,we have received an RFQ on alibaba from a Canada Customer sourcing for UV air purifier for home and office. The RFQ details as below: Hello I am interested in this product but I do have a few questions, 1) does this product come with a timer? I am seeing your advertisment use of operation is for 8 hours a day to extend the life of the bulb. 2) Would you provide a [...]

How much do you know about the air purifier filter?

Is the filter thicker the better? Filter type air purifier has been relying on excellent purification effect to win the trust of the majority of people, so for the filter how should we choose? HEPA filter is thicker the better? This view is not correct, compared to screen thickness, there are many important factors influencing the purification effect, such as the level of activated carbon filter, particle size and distribution. In order to achieve better filtering effect, we must first ensure [...]

2017 home air purifier and fresh air system which is good ?

Outdoor pollution is becoming more and more serious so that people are care-laden on indoor air quality, indoor air purification to become the focus of attention. At present, the main way of purifying indoor air is the air purifier and air system, what is the difference between the two? Learn The air system is the air filter outside and then transported to the laboratory, so as to ensure the quality of the indoor air. Fresh air into the system can [...]

Innovative achievements of the future – founder of air purifier Olansi

First we see the air purifier consumer groups, this is a group of more emphasis on the quality of life of groups, and most have entered the workforce, even his own family. A life of this background so that they will give more consideration to the product performance index in the purchase of air purifiers, personal settings and consolidated the supporting services. To select the air purifier, can more clearly see the air purifier which brand is good. The main [...]

Olans air purifier real-time display PM2.5

January 5th to 6, the Ministry of South North, north of Huang Huai, Shaanxi Province, South Western, southwestern Sichuan basin, southwestern Heilongjiang and other places have moderate haze, local severe haze, the central meteorological station from 5 to 6 continue to publish orange signal warning haze. Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other parts of area of visibility less than 200 meters in 5, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow fog warning. The Ministry of Environmental Protection said to the [...]

There are some tips of buy air purifier for you

Consumers should be how to choose the air purifier products and brands, we organize the purchase of air purifiers tips for your reference Choose a skill: choose a regular air purifier products Air purifier as a small household electrical appliances, the purchase of a large number of channels: 1, the purification principle of the air purifier to buy, is the filter adsorption, anion, or both, different purification principle, will be very different 2, see CADR Clean Air Delivery value.CADR is the abbreviation of [...]

New Delhi has become the most dirty city in the world.But i have an idea !!

According to reports of 24th Nov, the India city’s air pollution index than the Chinese coal mining area of the city is still high, the most polluted cities are New Delhi and Calcutta. In 2012, air pollution in the world that killed about 7 million people, became the world’s largest environmental health risk. About 80% of the people died of myocardial infarction and stroke, but the air pollution will lead to the increase in the number of lung cancer deaths. In [...]

Pay attention to the inspection report when purchasing

Many people  appeared unwell symptoms when haze weather came, we are actively looking for other ways to remove haze, including the purchase of air purifier is one of the most popular recently. The air purifier on the market continued hot selling, however many kinds of complex, the performance of converter in the end how to buy? On the market of air purifiers,” four purification”, “negative ion air purification” ,”purification stereo”, “double sensor”, each brand has thie own selling point ,so how [...]

Air purifier has been more and more important to us

The particle “PM2.5” as a result of the effects of air pollution, in 2015 the global air purifier sales tends to increase, in 2015 the global air purifier sales reached 25 million units. By 2022 the global air purifier sales will reach 59 million units. The air purifier market in developed countries has been quite stable and mature technology, Japan and the United States is the world’s two largest air purifier production and consumption country, the annual demand of about [...]