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Olansi Air Purifier:Common problem analysis of air purifiers with odor sensor

Air quality alarm: The air quality indicator display red light all the time Cause: 1.There is peculiar smell in location; 2.There is hot-gas near the odor sensor, such as the put the machine in front of the air outlet of air conditioner. 3.The odor sensor to be broken Solutions: 1.Put the machine in location without any pollution to test; 2.Turn on the reset function of the machine 3.Replace the odor sensor. Change air pollution before it changes you. For your healthy,we sincerely suggest our Olansi air purifier to you,it can [...]

More than 80% of the global city air pollution exceeds bid

The world health organization (who) has released the latest urban air quality, according to the database in the global 103 countries and regions, more than 3000 monitoring air quality in the city, more than 80% of the city air particulate matter (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution levels exceeding the standards recommended by who.Relevant experts pointed out that air pollution is a global “city disease”, improve air quality need to advocate public transportation, improve the efficiency of energy [...]

China Air Purifier:mexico city faces the air pollution again

air pollution affects human health, and the air pollution problem of Mexico City needs to be urgently tackled, since it is ranked as the third biggest city in the world with its twenty million people, after Delhi and Tokyo. In 2014 alone, more than 4.7 million cars were registered in the city, as reported by the National Statistics Institute. For your healthy,we sincerely suggest our Olansi air purifier to you,it can improve your indoor air quality.Olansi air purifiercontain OEM Air [...]

Chia Air Purifier:People are more and more care about their health

People are more and more care about their health. In order to reduce the air pollution at home many families have purchased a air purifier. But there are a lot of people use the home air purifier at a wrong way. 1. People place the Air Purifier against the wall There are a lot of people place the china air purifier against the wall. In fact, the air cleaner should be placed away from the corner of the room. In this [...]

Home Air Purifier:air pollution soaring house prices Boston Chinatown development

Qiaobao according to the “report, the Boston Chinatown is the only New England region’s Chinatown, the fourth largest chinatowns in North America.Covers an area of 5 acres, is located in the center of Boston, nearly hundred predominantly Chinese shops, condensed centripetal force 100000 Boston Chinese, Chinese one hundred years at home and abroad have been regarded as the pride of the Chinese people to spread Chinese culture overseas.However, in recent years in the modern and traditional cracks in Chinatown [...]

Air Purifier with Built-in Mosquito Catcher

We must all have experience of trobling from the noisy mosquitos.Especially during sleeping time, or in baby room.The mosquito catcher air purifier can provide your families with peace against mosquitoes throughout the year.Even more,in the recent years,many people get serious illness from the mosquitos bite. How is it work? The unit eliminates mosquitoes without use of harsh chemicals. A LED UV light that lures mosquitoes into its narrow air inlet, then a powerful suction technology draws the mosquitoes in. And trap them [...]

Olansi Air Purifier teach you how to choose an Air Purifier

Clearly, the fact that you found this webpage means that you already know how important it is to have an air purifier in your home or business. So, we don’t have to waste your time trying to convince you to get one. However, you’re probably still wondering how to choose an oem air purifier that’s right for you. With so many different brands and types of air purifiers, it may seem overwhelming at first for how to choose the best one [...]

New national stardard for Air Purifiers in China

On 25th Sep. 2015, China has set a new national standard for air purifiers. This is to bring order to the contry’s chaotic purifier market. This standard will include more specific metrics for the air purifiers performance. They are CADR, CCM, Energy efficiency grade, and Noise level. China’s heavier and heavier air pollution leads to a booming market in oem air purifiers, that the annul sales volume had reached to 2.0 million unites in 2013. However, Many producers and sellers’ exaggeration [...]

Air pollution awareness soars in China

As China enjoys an economic boom, air pollution has become a serious problem. As incomes rise and priorities shift away from only covering the basic needs to ensuring a better life, environmental awareness is also soaring in China. A city shrouded in pollution. Skies like these in the bustling city of Shanghai are now a common view in China’s booming cities Development has come at a cost….poor air quality. To tackle the problem, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has pledged to implement PM2.5 [...]

Global Nuclear Air Filtration Industry 2016 Forecasts

Nuclear industry plays a vital role in global power generation and defense sectors. Air cleaning system is a key component of the nuclear installations such as power generation units, fuel processing installations, nuclear energy research facilities and waste management. The new report from GlobalData on ‘Global Nuclear Air Filtration Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2016’ provides in-depth analysis and forecasts of the use of air filter components in the nuclear installations, major players in the nuclear air filter industry [...]